Body Materials:
Custom Bodies built to your specifications can be crafted from the following Tone Woods: Ash, Alder, Mahogany, Basswood, Korina, Indian Rosewood, Zebrawood., Flame Maple, Birdseye Maple, Quilted Maple, Southern Pine, Poplar, and Bloodwood. Solids can be used as well as 2pc, book matched, and 3 pc specimens.
Neck / Fretboard Materials:
Quarter sawn Maple, Birdseye Maple, Flame Maple, Cocobolo, Brazilian Rosewood , Mahogany, Pau Ferro, Walnut, Wedge and Ebony.
All fret sizes available . The most popular include choices Super Jumbo Dunlop 6000, Jumbo, Medium, and Vintage. Stainless Steel Frets are also available.
Fretboard & Scalloping Options
Scalloped Fretboards are our specialty! Necks are scalloped by hand to our customers exact specifications. We also offer a service where we will scallop your existing guitar fret board - Please see our Neck Scalloping Services page here
Bridge Tremolo Systems
 Bridge systems include Vintage trems, hardtails, Original Floyd Rose, Wilkinson, MANN MADE bridges and more. We will help you pick your whats best for you style and tone!
Pickups & Electronics
All pickup and custom electronics/ wiring  configurations are available Including: Singles, Humbuckers, Lace Sensors and p-90's. We will work with you to design a system that meets your tonal & functional needs.
All tuner manufacturers and systems including Sperzel locking, Gotoh, Schaller, Wilkenson, Kluson,etc.
Finishing Options:
We exclusively use Tongue Oil & Thin Coat Nitrocellulose lacquer.Through testing, we believe these finishes release the maximum bell tone from you DC Custom Guitar. All finish colors are available including solids, candies, and custom airbrushing.
We can also match any color you wish, just provide us with a sample!

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     "My D.C. Custom Guitar is one extremely well crafted guitar. The tone of the woods that were recommended and subsequently used are top notch and nothing but a sonic delight. " - George Bellas
     "DC Custom Guitars are outstanding , first rate all the way. My DC Custom Shop guitar is as nice and well  crafted as anything else out there. Dean has built me several for my personal collection and they kill - I really love them all"   - Joe Stump


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All work peformed is considered "custom work" and is not
applicable for any type of cash refund

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